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Reduce Spam

Did you know that marketers turn to free and paid sources on the internet to find data like your home address, email, and phone numbers in order to contact you? We can reduce and eliminate your involvement in future marketing campaigns.

Increase Safety

Public access to items like online street views of your home, pictures of  the inside of your home, and pictures of the floor plan of your home allow burglars and robbers to stake prime properties to target.

Eliminate Vulnerability

Identity thieves use a process known as pretexting. Pretexting involves finding data about individuals such as  their full name, date of birth, home address, relatives, and more. After thieves acquire that information they attempt to gain access to more  sensitive data such as financial and social security information.


How it works


We start by performing a search on over 100 popular sites known to post or sell your data. You can view the full list HERE


After we have discovered all of the sources that publicly store your data we begin removing your information from them. Depending on the source, it can take anywhere from 2-45 days for them to process and respect our request.



Every removal interaction is documented live for you to follow. This includes access for you to see when we've started the removal process, when data has been officially removed, and when we perform quality checks.


It is not uncommon for websites to automatically republish your information after we have removed it. We will continue to monitor these sites and continue to remove new data as necessary.


"Unfortunately, a considerable number of people fail to appreciate the importance of privacy, online and elsewhere."

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